December 3, 2018 | Jacqui Luberto
Are you PCS-ing to the area or just considering finding a place for your forever home?  Destin, Florida may be the perfect place for your coastal charmed life.

Destin, hands down, has some of the best beaches in America, if not in the world. The gorgeous emerald and teal colored waters have put this little town on the map for travelers all across the globe. If you are striving to live in a town with the best views and a short walk to the beach, Destin is your jackpot.

One huge benefit is the quality of life that comes with living in Destin. It's a slow paced town, the people are friendly and its easy to get invested socially as a community. There is a strong military presence in this area, which means everyone is accustomed to making friends and connections pretty quickly. If you are a fan of fishing or fresh seafood, you can't get much closer to a fresh catch than a lot of the local restaurants and fishing spots in Destin.

Some drawbacks to consider if you're interested in moving to Destin lie heavily around the traffic issues that become evident during the "on season." Highway 98 is the main road that runs straight down the strip of land that makes up this city, and when tourist season is in full swing, it can take a drastically longer time to get anywhere. There are also less amenities as far as things to do (shopping, restaurants, entertainment) in Destin as opposed to some of the surrounding cities due to its small landmass. If you're not up for a beach day, you may end up having to travel to adjacent towns for a higher variety of entertainment and dining options.

Some less significant things to consider are that Destin is at greater risk for hurricane damage. Although the chances are rare, it's still something to be mindful about if you are planning to own a home in Destin as it will require you to invest in more home insurance. Also, the variety of jobs offered in Destin itself are slimmer than the surrounding areas since it is primarily a tourist town, and most jobs available are in the service/tourism industry.

Commute Times:
Destin to Hurlburt Field: ~24 minutes
Destin to Eglin AFB: ~23 minutes
Destin to Duke Field: ~41 minutes
*peak tourist season will increase these times significantly

School Information:
Destin Middle School School Report
Destin Elementary School School Report
Fort Walton Beach High School School Report
*Destin Senior High School opening late 2020

Hospital Information:
  • Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast
  • White Wilson Medical Center
  • Destin ER
  • Destin Family Medicine
  • Emerald Coast Urgent Care

Quick facts:
Median cost of rent: $1,301
Median property tax: $1,322
Median home value: $274,900

For specific home information, please refer back to my home page to search any listings you may be interested in.  As always, feel free to reach out to me any day, any time with questions!  850-830-5955

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