November 30, 2018 | Jacqui Luberto
If you are a military family that has recently received orders to Eglin, Hurlburt, Duke Field, Tyndall, NAS Pensacola or Whiting Field, your first big step will be looking for a place to live once you arrive.  Whether you want to rent or own, I have set up a community for individuals and families just like you that are in the same exact situation.

PCS Pay-it-Forward is a community of individuals that are moving to the area (or currently live here) that are military personnel and their families who are looking for places to rent either short or long-term.  I post weekly rental options available in the group for all of the surrounding areas and members of the group constantly engage when they see new rental properties as they become available.  This is a very supportive group to become apart of that makes it easy to get help with the whole moving process, collect some extra moving boxes or learn more about the community you'll soon become a part of.

If you are interested in joining these groups, send me a request through our pages for your specific location letting me know your military affiliation and your approximate PCS time.  We are a very exclusive community so the entrance questions are for the protection of the group.

Eglin-Hurlburt-Duke Field PCS-PIF:

Tyndall PCS-PIF:

NAS Pensacola - Whiting Field PCS-PIF:

Furthermore, if you think you will be interested in BUYING a home as soon as you arrive or sometime within the future of your time here on the Emerald Coast, I have another exclusive group set up for military families called Savvy Homebuyers, that provides tips for either first-time or experienced homebuyers in the area.  This group is very beneficial at answering any of the questions and addressing the concerns you may have when it comes to taking this next big step.  You can request to join this community from the link below.

Savvy Homebuyers Eglin-Hurlburt:

Savvy Homebuyers Tyndall:

Savvy Homebuyers Pensacola:

For more information on which city/area you would like to live in, please see individual area posts for more information.  They are very specific to each city and can help answer a lot of questions you may have!


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